Lizardcube is a Parisian games studio founded by game industry veteran Omar Cornut (Pixeljunk Shooter, Tearaway, Soul Bubbles, Dear ImGui) and traditional comic/animation artist Ben Fiquet (Soul Bubbles). It is best known for the acclaimed remake of Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap, praised for its art style and retro engineering marvel.



We stumbled into a Dragon's Trap... We really wanted to make this game! Let's assemble and make it happen! If we aren't tearing ourselves apart by the end of it we may as well make more games! Our other games may be completely different. They may be about a girafe wearing jetpacks, or have intricate puzzles involving mixing spices. Who knows! For now, all of our energy is focused on making The Dragon's Trap a thing of beauty.

Lizardcube was founded late 2015 by Omar and Ben. We previously worked together on underdog hit DS title "Soul Bubbles", a physic based game about blowing bubbles and transporting spirits.

Omar worked in Kyoto with Q-Games on the "Pixeljunk Shooter" series. At Media Molecule in England, he laid his papery fingers on the original "Tearaway" and early iterations of "Dreams". He freelanced with Wild Sheep Studios (new team led by Michel Ancel) in Montpellier on "WiLD". He maintains a popular free-software library "dear imgui", aimed at game developers of all shapes and sizes. His passion for retro Sega games led him in the last nineties to create the emulator "MEKA" and the "SMS Power!" research and preservation community which is still active.

Ben graduated from Gobelins School in Paris 2006, co-directing Pyrats short. Since then, he has been working in videogames (“Soul Bubbles”), writing his own comics (“Powa”, “Les Chevaliers de la Chouette”) and freelanced in animation between London, Paris and LA (Dreamworks, Zodiac Kids and many more).

We are partnering with Michael Geyre and Romain Gauthier to create the aural landscape of this game.

Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap

For a long time we envisioned making an hommage to this much-loved Master System gem, originally developed by Westone and released in 1989. Many people of excellent taste agree that it was a defining title of the 8-bit console gaming era, and we agree with them. The game combines open-world exploration, multiple playable animals, an exciting lack of directions and a smoking pirate pig! Imagine if Zelda, Metroid and Mario had a love child.

See the project webpage for details.

Turn power back on and... ENJOY!!!



There are currently no trailers available for Lizardcube. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!