Witch is an adventure platformer set in a fantasy urban medieval French country.

Gameplay would revolve around exploring, crafting and powering up.


In a world where witches use their powers to help and resolve mysteries all around the country, Marnie, our heroin, is unfortunately born powerless.

But nevermind that, with a little bit of ingenuity she crafts her own magic weapons by sticking magic wands to weapons of all sorts.

She will the greatest witch of all, and she’ll be invited to the royal palace where she’ll set hell loose on the wretched king who murdered her parents.


Tryad a beat’em up platformer set in a fantasy Chinese city.

Make use of your fists and a various set of day to day ustensils and props to beat up the mafia on your heels.


Fighting your rival in an explosive space dogfight, you both crash onto a strange planet. There’s one functionning ship stranded on the planet, but it’s far from your landing site.

Craft and collect elements to enable you to explore further and ultimately reach the savior ship. But be careful, your opponent has the same goal so expect fights and traps along the way.

Fighters of Dark Ages

As we were prepping for a conference at Gamecamp regarding our work, we decided to make a small and simple functioning prototype build based on a beloved franchise.

This was mainly to showcase our work and state of mind when working on adaptations.


2nd Person RPG

A game where the main protagonist is unwilling to fulfill the prophecy, spending his time destroying jars in the village.

The potter, evidently pissed, learns a spell for controlling a person and forces him to go forth.

This would effectively make this a 2nd person shooter.

Garou 2

A mockup of what the ever elusive Garou – Mark of the wolves 2 could look like.

Kid Chameleon

What would Kid Chameleon would look like with the same treatment as Wonder Boy.